Waterboarded By Cruel Cunt

This is cruel. It’s the sort of gross punishment Roman soldiers might have thought up to entertain themselves at Easter…….. make a change from bastinado and crucifixion. Waterboard the slave with two gallons of p1ss!! Dometria has collected ten days of urine and a full bladder on tap. Enough to waterboard this slave till the urine comes out of his ears. She puts him in a half-full bath, immobilises him with straps and a dental gag and chains his wrists to the taps. She stomps on his chest with her stiletto to shove his head under water, then takes her cock-on-a-pole and rams it down his throat till he nearly drowns. Oops! Nothing that a bit of pulmonary resuscitation can’t fix!!! Time to funnel bucketfuls of urine straight down his throat. This is the rancid piss stored in her cells when she ran out of space in her freezer. This was the slave’s fantasy….. now he’s REALLY going to get it. Bucketloads: down a funnel and straight into his gob. Watch him thrash and splutter and bubble: his hands are desperately flip-flapping around like the tail of a beached porpoise. Poor boy. Time to warm him up with something hot from the source. Dometria straddles the bath like a goddess with her perfect ass full-on and cunt gushing. Slave boy drinks and drinks at the sparkling fountain….. he has no choice.

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