Serene Suffering:Part One

serene Isley is dragged into the loft for her first in a series of punishments and torments,Tied with wrists behind her back,she is roughly pulled about by her bound elbows as her captor opens her blouse to get at her bra covered tits.He also uses her pony tail to yank her head back as he molests her bared breasts for his amusement.As she moans and begs to be let go,she is bent over to receive some slaps to her leather covered ass.Soon the scene changes to see the slut tied in a stringent position as her arms are pulled behind her to rest at the back of a chair that she has been tied to.Her high heel clad feet are tied off to the legs of the chair at her ankles and her wrists are tied off the the back of the chair.A rope runs up against her pantyhose covered cunt and over a pulley that has a cinder block tied off to its end.The block lightly dangles against the floor,slowly brushing and scraping as most of its weight pulls relentlessly on the victim’s sore pussy.As the helpless slut suffers the weight of the block,her masked tormentor continues to amuse himself at her expense.Clothes pins are attached to her stiff nipples and her hair is tied back so that she now must endure the painful position while looking at the rafters above her head.The block is also lifted and re-tied so that it now hangs freely off of the floor.Without the ability to see what is hurting her,she now can focus her attention to all the simple discomforts that combine to make her first session of suffering a memorable one.She is then left alone to suffer.

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