Serene Suffering:Part Four.wmv

Serene’s nightmare of torture continues as she is dragged onto the scene in strict bondage.She has been stripped to panties,stockings and heels with nothing else to protect her modesty.Her breasts have been tightly twined until they bulge into twin globes of swollen tit meat engorging the nipples until they are painfully super sensitive.Her masked captor drags her roughly by the hair,taking it into his fist while pinning her bound elbows and wrists behind her back firmly in his arms.As the helpless cunt struggles in his arms,he gropes and grabs at her bound body,feeling up her tits and bending her forward to spank her soft,jiggling ass.Once he is bored of this sort of play,he quickly drags his victim to the spiked Pain Stool and forces her to sit on it while he ties her to it.Once on the spikes,her thighs are tied to the stool,making sure that her thighs and ass firmly press into the painful wooden spikes lining the seat.As she suffers the pain of the stool,her bondage is finished off as her hair is tied back by the pony tail,forcing her to arch her head back in a painful arched position that thrusts her tied tits forward for the amusement of her tormentor.He lets her sit in agony for a bit before continuing to grope at her swollen titties.Eventually,a riding crop is shoved into her mouth to let her wonder what it will be used for after it serves as her gag.

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