Ramp Up The Electrics

Dometria learns some new tricks as she uses the Ramp Up button on her Erostek to get this slave well out of his comfort zone. She usually simply uses her electric boxes manually, like a rabid bitch with a switch. But now she’s going to combine automatic escalation with simultaneous CBT. So with an electric plug up his anus and a ring round the base of the cock she gets the volts flowing through him with gradually increasing intensity while she clamps up his scrotum with multiple clover clamps, stretches his balls and works them over with a variety of very nasty pinwheels. The slave has made the mistake of telling her what his limits are IN ADVANCE! The result is predictable. Dometria ups the ante and keeps ramping up the voltage. Listen to the screams and watch the spasming feet as she busts his limits and mashes up the cock with her evil pins. This is Clip #1 of 3 of the Copmplete Movie: "EXTREME ELECTRIC TORTURE".

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