Mobile Media Format – Mandi Gets Placed Into The Electric Chair

Butt naked and tied to the Electric Chair she is ring gagged and bound with her arms above her head. Her legs, from the crotch to the ankles, are bound to the chair as well as her torso. Her neck is belted to the post immediately behind her. She cannot move. Her tongue fishes around in the large hole created in her face by the gag. A chest harness around her tits forces them to accentuate. When JR comes in to address her he has nipple clamps in his hand. She has never had them and when he goes to put them on her nipples she seems confused. To JR’s surprise, she doesn’t even flinch when they go on. He then moves behind her and starts up the electrical box that controls the chair she is sitting in. As she becomes charged it is clear she likes it. A smile can be seen in spite of the ring gag. JR comes back to turn it up higher. She immediately lets out a sound that confirms she feels it strongly. Her body seems to bounce up and down in the chair, limited by the ropes around her limbs and torso. It is clear she is dealing with a lot, but liking it nonetheless. The electricity makes her exclaim every few seconds as she bucks in the chair. JR brings out the Celebrator and pushes it against her hood. She bucks with renew vigor and it becomes impossible to hold it against her clit –in spite of how securely she is bound. While her body literally pulses from the electricity he fetches the Hitachi. Before it is over she has pulled off several orgasms without having asked permission for a single one of them. JR turns the Electric Chair off and hooks the electrical contacts to the nipple clamps already on her udders. She watches him as he does it, unsure how this will feel. She begins to scream as soon as he turns the power on. She looks around, ring gagged and desperate. She hates it. He turns it up further. Her screams become closer together. Her toes curl. She wants something else….like her pussy played with. JR just leaves her there, jumping and bucking in the seat as the electricity courses through her. She tells him she is thirsty but he ignores her. She is going to be a lot more than that in just a second.

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