Mistress Lee’s Revenge _Total Footage

This is the ultimate fingernail fetish clip. Mistress Larah has captured Mistress Lee’s slave. Employing a cock board, she suspends his penis and torments it with her 7in. stileto heels. Next she teases his stretched out cock with her extremely long nails. Despite all the pre-cum pouring out, she prolongs his torture, denying him release, when suddenly…..Using chains and leather shackles Mistress Lee restrains her unfaithful slave and Lara together. She proceeds to exact her revenge. Mistress Lee delivers her most vicious beating yet, mercilessly flogging her slave, while ignoring Larah’s cries for mercy. Mistress Lee’s unfaithful slave and Larah are bound together and suspended. Lee spanks Lara for stealing her slave. Lee then beats her slave, first using a leather belt and then a single tail whip. This clip is 720×1280 HD.

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