Houseboy stays the night! Shaving,wax,dildo,orgasms,walking on him

This 43 minute long video shows you what it’s like to spend a night with me. My houseboy hasn’t been to my house in over a month and it’s a dirty damn mess, so when he finally comes to me I punish him before having him clean up. All the other video’s I’m uploading individually are combined in this lovely mini-movie. I am wearing only a thong in all of these!I start off with giving him a shave. His cock and balls were hairy and that just doesn’t work for me! Other than the shaving, I scratch him all over his sensitive body, put clothespins on his cock and balls, and don’t go lightly on the CBT. I’m not too sure if the rest is in correct order, but here’s the way the rest of our night happened.Since I had him naked in the bathtub already, I figured it was as good a place as any to pop his wax play cherry. I REALLY love taking virginity’s, and this one was no exception. He didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped, but I did get have time to tease his ass, nipples, and even cover his cock head in hot wax!Because I’m such a nice, caring, compassionate Mistress, I let him be my carpet for a moment. His back is nearly impossible for the little asian ladies at the "massage" place to pop, but all I have to do is walk on him! I start at his shoulders, on either side of his spine, and slowly work my way down to above his hips. I popped at least 3 vertebrae back into place, and he was Oh So Thankful!He showed just how thankful by sucking my dildo. He has such a bad gag relex that he can hardly suck on just the head. I’ve gotten SO turned on by the whole night, that I make him hold my Hitachi and grind against it. As I get ready to orgasm, I make him hold the head in his mouth until I am done shaking and moaning. My orgasm was SO good, I decided to let him have one too. In fact, it was the very first time I allowed him to cum in front of me! He layed on the ground while My feet rubbed up against his cock & balls. I took his ball skin in between my toes and twisted, pinched, and even took a few smacks at them, all while he masturbated for me. He wasn’t allowed to cum the first time he asked of course, I HAD to make him suffer a bit! When he finally is allowed to cum for Mistress, he explodes all over his belly.There was more, but he didn’t want everything recorded and sold online, so you’ll just have to enjoy what your getting! I can just about guarantee you that you will love this video, have a favorite part, and orgasm MANY times while watching me work my magic on this pathetic little houseboy!

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