Danielle’s Humilation:Part Two.wmv

Penthouse girl Danielle Trixie remains tied in a seedy hotel room.After her spanking,she has been stripped naked,only wearing a pair of thigh high stockings,a tape gag and rope.Her hands have been tied behind her back and attached to a rope that crosses over the mattress that she sits on.Her legs have been folded under her and tied off as well so that she can not unfold her legs.Thin,rough twine traps her rioe breasts,squeezing them into round globes that bob and sway on her chest as she struggles in her bondage.Her hair has been gathered up behind her and tied off to her breast bondage so that if she moves her head,it will pull the tit ropes tighter.As she moans and whines into her gag,her masked captor enters to grope and grab her bouncing tits,caressing,gripping and pinching them as she suffers helplessly.Soon,a set of silver clover clamps are attached to her tortured nipples and she si left to suffer her special breast agony for her captor’s amusement.

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