Cut Off The Air!

Bound into the torture apparatus like a victim of a medieval garrotting, the slave waits to place his life in Dometria’s hands. Dometria knows how to control the flow of air and take that breathless thrill to the very edge. Almost at once she puts him out with a ch0ke hold. Those fabulous muscled arms may be even too powerful!! But the boy is an experienced player and quickly revives under her command. Again!! Watch the flickering hands of the slave as he succumbs. She bags up his head in cling-film. Give him a little air then take it away. "Don’t give up on life yetr, boy!". Staring deep in his eyes as he gasps it out. Camera close in on every last gasp. Watch every last whispering bubble of air flickering away. Then she takes her bullwhip and throttles and garrottes him with it. Finally, another choke-hold and it is back to sleepytime.

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